Canine First Aid

DOGSAFE® canine first aid is the premier provider of canine first aid and safety education for dog lovers and dog professionals in Canada, and around the world.


The goal of Dogsafe courses is to teach you the necessary knowledge and skills which will empower you to take positive action in the event of an emergency involving a dog. Canine first aid is different than human first aid in that dogs cannot tell us what hurts and there is no ambulance to call for help. Prevention of injury is the key, however, accidents do happen. What you do between when an injury happens and when veterinary care is available will greatly affect a dogs chances for a full recovery.

Canine First Aid Part 101

Certification Course, Continuing Education Credits Approved by: CCPDT (7), IACP, (7) and IAABC

This course is designed to teach you the knowledge and skills to deal with a sick or injured dog until veterinary care is available. The topics are covered in-depth so that students have a thorough understanding of the principles of canine first aid. Since this is a very comprehensive course, we need your full attention and dogs do not come to class. 118 page DOGSAFE® training and reference manual included ($18.95 retail value).

Hours: 8 hours
Maximum: 12 students
Prerequisite: None
Minimum Age: 14 yrs/10 yrs if parent also enrolled
Registration fee: $159

In Dogsafe® Part 1, You will Learn How to:

  • prevent common injuries
  • conduct a head to tail assessment
  • tell if your dog is experiencing pain
  • recognize 4 signs of illness or injury
  • respond to any emergency in 4 easy steps
  • safely approach an injured dog
  • take your dog’s vital signs and 3 other health tests
  • perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • perform artificial respiration
  • remove an airway obstruction (choking)
  • prevent and treat for shock
  • control deadly bleeding
  • deal with penetrating objects
  • prevent and treat eye injuries
  • prevent and treat abdominal wounds
  • recognize risk factors and respond to bloat
  • prevent and respond to drowning
  • assess and respond to bone and joint injuries
  • prevent and respond to poisonings
  • prevent and respond to frostbite and hypothermia
  • prevent and respond to heatstroke
  • treat minor burns
  • treat various wounds

Dogsafe Learning is fun and effective

Dogsafe® courses are designed to make complex topics easy. Our teaching techniques will appeal to auditory, visual and tactile learners. Everyone will learn thru seeing, listening, moving and doing which improves knowledge retention. This means that you not only learn topics on course day, but more importantly, retain the information for years to come. This makes learning with Dogsafe not only fun, but effective.

Our training techniques include:

  • instruction
  • demonstration
  • hands-on learning
  • discussion
  • Q&A
  • and videos
Our training tools include:

  • canine resuscitation manikins
  • plush demonstration dogs
  • bandages
  • splints
  • even fake guts, eyeballs and much more!

canine cpr manikins

Dogsafe® Canine First Aid Authorized Instructors have invested in your canine first aid education by providing canine CPR manikin(s). The canine CPR manikins are vital educational tools that are considerably more life-like than using stuffed toys. Our manikins have working pulse and lungs enabling you to actually perform canine CPR, a technique that is not possible to conduct on live dogs.The Dogsafe course goes beyond just watching an instructor demonstrate CPR and provides opportunities for hands-on practice with canine CPR manikin(s) — an essential component to effective learning.

Dog Professionals

Are you a Dog Professional? Do you work as a dog walker, groomer, trainer, kennel employee, or at a rescue organization? If you answered “yes” to any of these specialties, please take a moment and read Why Dog Professionals Should Enroll and the Top Ways Dogsafe helps Professionals.

Dogsafe™ is the premier provider of canine first aid and safety training; people know and respect our name. Once you have successfully completed the Canine First Aid Part 1™, you may proudly display the “Canine First Aid™ Certified” jpeg logo on your company website, brochures and business cards. This shows your commitment of canine safety to prospective clients.